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    Since making the switch from traditional sports wagers to betting on esports, professional mastermind punter ‘Money Mick’ has turbocharged his income. Where he was once taking home a respectable £42,000 per year, he now banks a jaw-dropping £160,000+ annual income!

With decades of experience in betting, Mick always had an eye for a winner. But following an unexpected transition into the then unfamiliar world of online gaming, Mick turned up the dial and began making truly unprecedented profits. Mick was quickly seeing earnings in excess of £13,000 per month!

Just think what you could do with that kind of money. That’s more than enough to pay your bills, clear your debts and finally have the spare cash to start enjoying life. And with a consistent betting income on that scale, there would be absolutely no need for you to ever work again. And you would still be making enough to upgrade your motor, move into a bigger home and go on the holiday of a lifetime!

And not only has Money Mick been making a small fortune for himself, he’s also been changing the lives of dozens of others by sharing his incredible tips.
Here’s what they had to say…

“I’ve been following Mick’s advice for years, and so the switch to esports was definitely a bit of a shocker. But boy, am I glad I stuck with him! I’ve gone from earning a few hundred quid each week to making more than £3,000! Online gaming is the future of betting”

Dave Hall, Newcastle.


“I found Pro Esports Bets purely by chance when I was searching for games to buy for my kids. I now consider that day to have been the luckiest of my life! I currently make more than £13,000 each month from betting, I’ve quit my job and life couldn’t be better”

Jenny Ford, Birmingham.


“Signing up to Pro Esports Bets felt like a gamble in and of itself – but a gamble that definitely paid off! I still do not know the first thing about online gaming but all I do know is that my bank balance has a few more zeros than it did previously, so I am one very happy customer”

John White, Leeds

When you sign up to Pro Esports Bets, Money Mick will begin sharing his daily bets with you. Each morning when you check your inbox, there will be an email containing your winning bets for that day. From there, all you have to do is get those bets placed, online or at your local bookies. You will be placing the EXACT same wagers as Money Mick for identical profits!

    Mick takes care of all the calculations and risk assessment for you, so there will be absolutely no need for you to scratch your noggin! In fact, the only task you’ll have to concern yourself with is transferring your winnings from your betting account to your bank account! A complete beginner couldn’t mess this up. This will be the easiest money you’ll ever make!

My name is James Greyson and ‘Money Mick’ is my favorite uncle. Growing up, my uncle was the one who always stuck up for me. I am, by nature, an introvert, which meant that I was the quiet kid in school and therefore an easy target for bullies. I wasn’t interested in playing football or going out with friends. My only interest was staying at home and playing games.

As a young kid I was hooked on PlayStation and Xbox, but as I grew older, my attention turned to online PC gaming. At university, while the other students went to pub quizzes and got blackout drunk on bar crawls, I stayed in my dorm room and competed in epic online battles. The only friends I wanted or needed were the ones I heard through my headset. And week on week, our team climbed the ranks.

By the time I was in my final year of university, I was on the cusp of becoming a professional esports star. I was scouted by the coach of an up-and-coming team, and I was presented with an amazing contract. But then, just when my gaming career was about to take off, the unthinkable happened. I slammed my left hand in a car door, and, just like that, my dreams were shattered.

After university I moved back in with my parents. I’d get up late and sulk all day. I had no motivation to do anything with my life, which included looking for a job. I was well and truly depressed.

Then one day my Uncle Mick came to visit. To take my mind off my sorrows, Mick talked about everything under the sun. He griped about ‘the old ball and chain’ – my aunt, Tracey. He cracked jokes. And he talked about his one true passion - gambling.

Mick told me that horse race betting and traditional sports betting had begun to stagnate and he needed to mix things up if he was going to stay profitable. And that’s when the idea hit me. Mick should try his hand at esports betting!

He knew the bookies, I knew online gaming, and so I figured that together we’d be an unstoppable team!

Within a matter of minutes, we were examining charts and graphs on his iPad. I was sharing what I knew with him and he was imparting wisdom onto me. That same day we began to place bets, and the results were nothing short of astounding.

Win after win after win! Mick said he’d not had such good luck in years. But we both knew our successes that day were down to more than just good luck. The formidable partnership that was forged that day would put the fear of God into the bookies.

From that afternoon onwards, I met with uncle Mick every day. We’d study, assess and place bets, each week improving our game. Before long, we were seeing profits that Mick would have once said to be impossible. He was ecstatic, and I was overjoyed to finally have a purpose in life again.

One by one, Mick converted his loyal followers from traditional sports betting to esports. Although, to be honest, as soon as they saw the numbers, they didn’t need much more convincing. From there, Mick went on to widen his reach. That’s when he created Pro Esports Bets, to show old school punters that online gaming is the real money-maker. 

And, as soon as the gambling forums got word of Mick’s show-stopping tips, his site blew up! He was selling memberships left, right and center. And now, he’s just about reaching maximum capacity. In fact, he’s allowing just 30 new members to sign up, and then he’s closing his doors for the foreseeable.

    And so, if you want to be one of the lucky punters to take home £13,000+ this month in tax free winnings then you need to sign up to Pro Esports Bets, right now.

And at just £29.99 for a lifetime subscription, membership spots are an absolute steal!

That one-time small sum is nothing when you consider that you could be
more than £3,000 better off by the end of the week!

£29.99 and NO Repeat Payments

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

And what’s more, when you sign up today your purchase will be protected by a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Which means that if for whatever reason you’re not entirely happy with Mick’s pro selections, you will have a whole two months in which to change your mind and claim a full refund.

So, no matter the verdict, your money is safe!

And that is why taking a leap of faith and signing up to Pro Esports Bets is a no-brainer! It does not matter whether you’re new to gambling or you have no clue about online gaming because with this service, your success is guaranteed.

    However, if you do want to sign up and make some real money from betting, I suggest you do so right now as membership spaces are selling out FAST. In fact, you may already be too late. But I sincerely hope for your sake that you make it in, because £160,000 per year from just 5 minutes each day is the easiest money you will ever make!

Make the right decision and make it NOW!

Speak soon,

James Greyson

£29.99 and NO Repeat Payments

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